- Energy Efficiency Reports.

        - Bushfire Assesments.

        - Professional Alternative Solutions.

        - Pool Safety Compliance Certificates.

        - Referral Agency Applications.

        - In-House Bos in the BCC Region.



Rosanne Stuart - Principal, Building Surveyor and Building Certification Consultant.

I am dedicated to ensuring that our Building Control process provides value for my clients reducing unnecessary bureaucracy, delays and costs.

Stuart Building Certifications
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Located in Mount Crosby,  Stuart Building Certification is an approved accredited Building Surveyor and Building Certification Consultancy company owned by Rosanne Stuart, who has been in the building industry for over 20 years.


Fast Efficent and helpful - a professional approach to guide you through the building control process


A prompt and friendly reponse to your enquires within 48 hours


Expert Advice in Building Surveying and Certification


Comply with all requirements and provisions of local authority


Competitive Prices on Building Certification


Professional approach to guide through the building control process



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